Home Winterization Tips for Colorado

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Home Winterization Check List

Winter officially starts in December each year. I’ve compiled a checklist to help guide you through the winterization process.   Here is a printer friendly copy of the Home Winterization Check List.

⌂ Learn about your plumbing system.  Understand how to turn off the water, and where your pipes are so you are prepared in case of a plumbing emergency!
⌂  Turn off water supply to external hose bibs/exterior faucets.


Yard ToolsLandscaping
⌂  Rake all debris away from foundation.
⌂  Trim trees & remove dead branches.
⌂  Get sprinkler system blown-out and winterized.
⌂  Disconnect garden hoses from exterior faucets and drain them.

Inspecting & Sealing
Squirrel⌂  Seal entry points to keep critters out of your house.
⌂  Seal foundation cracks.
⌂  Inspect sill plates for dry rot and pest
⌂  Secure crawl space entrances.
⌂  Inspect deck.  If needed, apply a fresh coat of sealer.

Fireplace⌂  Inspect fire brick in fireplace. Repair any open mortar joints immediately.
⌂  Inspect chimney for any nests and/or debris.
⌂  Install chimney screen.


Roofer Check roof for damaged shingles and have them replaced.
⌂  Check flashing around chimneys & roof projections.  These are often a source of leaks.
⌂  Clean out your gutters and downspouts.


Lawn Mower⌂  Shovel promptly, especially around garage door, so it closes completely and doesn’t warp.
⌂  Make any necessary repairs to handrails & steps to help avoid accidents once the inclement weather hits.
⌂  Cover patio furniture.
⌂  Drain gas from lawn mower and other outdoor tools.


Hot Water Heater
Wrap a hot water heater blanket around your hot water heater.
⌂  Insulate your water pipes.
⌂  Consider a timer on all-electric water heaters.

Fireplace/Wood Stoves
⌂  Get a chimney sweep for wood burning fireplaces and/or wood stoves.
⌂  Keep your fireplace flue damper closed when the fireplace is not in use.

Ceiling Fans

⌂  Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans so the blades are going clockwise.  This will push warm air down.


⌂  Clean your A/C condensing unit so it is free of dirt & debris.
⌂  Cover A/C condensing unit with a breathable, waterproof cover for extended life.

⌂  Replace furnace filter.
⌂  Have furnace cleaned and serviced.
⌂  Check to make sure thermostat & pilot light are working.
⌂  Check for Carbon monoxide leaks.
⌂  Keep thermostat at 65 degrees or higher to prevent frozen pipes.

⌂  Have ducts cleaned about every 5 years.

Icicles Inspect your insulation in your attic. If you can see the ceiling joists, you need more insulation.
⌂  Keep the attic well ventilated. This will help prevent icicles from forming on the edge of the roof.
⌂  Check for exposed water or drain piping in all uninsulated crawlspace and/or attic.  Insulate with foam insulation.
⌂  Put an insulated cover on hose bibbs.

Smoke Detector & Fire Extinguisher⌂  Install and/or test smoke detectors.
⌂  Install and/or test Radon Detectors.
⌂  Install Carbon Monoxide detector near furnace/hot water heater.
⌂  Buy extra batteries for your detectors.
⌂  Replace any fire extinguishers older than 10 years.

Windows & Doors Inspect for cracks around doors & windows.
⌂  Caulk windows.
⌂  Use weather-stripping around doors.
⌂  Replace cracked glass.
⌂  Cover window wells with plastic shields.
⌂  Switch out summer screens with storm windows.

Bandaid Prepare evacuation Plan.
⌂  Buy Indoor Candles & matches in case of a power outage.
⌂  Put an Emergency Contact list together and post it in an obvious location (include hospitals, utility companies, babysitters, etc).
⌂  Buy some extra bottled water and non-perishable food supplies in case you get snowed in!
⌂  Store extra blankets and a first aid kit in a dry and easy-to-access location.

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