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Our neighborhood, or Highlands Ranch Filing 107E & 107B, consists of 13 streets, and just over 300 homes.  It is part of Highlands Ranch, with the majority of homes falling into Northridge, and a smaller portion in Eastridge.  The predominant builders of these homes are US Home and Cascade.   Richmond and Oakwood also built some of them.  Most homes were built between 1994-1999.

Our Neighborhood Includes:

Neighborhood Map

  • Canyon Wren Court
  • Lark Sparrow Dr
  • Lark Sparrow Place
  • Lark Sparrow Street
  • Lark Sparrow Trail
  • Sand Hill Court
  • Sand Hill Lane
  • Sand Hill Place
  • Sand Hill Trail
  • Swansboro Court
  • Swansboro Way
  • White Pelican Way
  • Whitehall Lane

Here is an overview of recent sales data for our neighborhood. If you’d like information about a specific house that sold, I’d be happy to provide that to you.

April 2014 Stats graphic 1
April 2014 Stats graphic 2

Here are all of the ACTIVE listings in our neighborhood! Please give me a call if you’d like additional information on any of these listings.

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