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Neighborhood Garage Sale:
Saturday, August 11th, 2012.
Saturday, August 13th, 2011, 8:00am-2:00pm.  Wow!  What a great Saturday.  We had lots of participation in the garage sale, and lots of traffic through the neighborhood. I hope everyone made a little money and decluttered their houses!  And, thanks to all who donated to ARC!- Your donations will help to promote individuality, confidence, and accomplishment for people with developmental disabilities.
Highlands Ranch Neighborhood Garage Sale- Donations to ARC Realtortrina
Highlands Ranch Neighborhood Garage Sale- Donations to ARC Highlands Ranch Realtor Event
Highlands Ranch Garage Sale Trina Oyloe- Neighborhood Garage Sale
Colorado Realtor Sponsored Event Highlands Ranch Realtor Event
Highlands Ranch Neighborhood Event Highlands Ranch Neighborhood Event
RealtorTrina collects ARC donations in Highlands Ranch ARC thrift store donations- sponsored by Colorado Realtor Trina Oyloe
Trail Cleanup:
Saturday, June 16th, 2012. Fun times!  Thanks to all who came out!  In the first picture below, you’ll see my girls goofing around while the other little girls from the neighborhood are working hard at cleaning up :0)  In the second picture, you’ll se a gray furry thing in the bottom left… The kids found a mouse in a pipe… yikes!   As always, it was a fun way to spend the morning, and a great use of time- look at all of that trash that is out of our open space area and parks!
Girls playing/helping with the trail cleanup Trail Cleanup 2012- Matt Oyloe Mouse we found while cleaning up Open Space Cleanup 2012 Trash Collected 2012
Saturday, July 16th, 2011 at 9 am. Thanks to all of the families who came out to help clean up our neighborhood.  We collected bags and bags of trash in and around the open space areas….We were able to accomplish so much in just a couple of short hours. A little teamwork and neighborhood involvement goes a long way.  THANKS again!
Neighborhood BBQ & Potluck: Saturday, June 11th, 2011. What a GREAT bunch of neighbors we have! THANKS to everyone who came to the BBQ! I was so busy chatting with everyone- I forgot to take pictures… but a fun time was had by all! I’m glad that the weather cooperated!
Food Drive:
Thursday, April 12th, 2012. Lots of food collected for the food bank!  Thanks to all who contributed!
Food Collected from 2012 neighborhood food drive
Thursday, April 7th, 2011. A BIG THANK YOU to all of our neighbors who participated in the food drive. We collected 156 non-perishable food items! Your generosity makes a real difference in improving other people’s lives! If you missed the food drive, but still want to contribute, you can do so through my Virtual Food Drive. Highlands Ranch Neighborhood Food Drive