What is a QR Code?

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RealtorTrina.com QR CodeHave you been seeing a lot of these funny little squares on different marketing pieces lately?  Are you wondering what they are?  These things are called QR codes, or Quick Response codes.  If you have a Smart Phone you can download a Free QR Reader.  Then just open your QR Reader, hover over the code with your phone, and it will populate  your screen with additional information about the product or service that the QR code was created for.

So why would you care about QR codes?  Because it takes all of the effort out of information gathering.  For example, imagine driving around a neighborhood in  Highlands Ranch, CO, and seeing a for sale sign in a really cool neighborhood.  Most for-sale signs have the standard phone number you can call to get more information.  Some of these will also include a website that you can go to for additional photos or will have a flier box full of paper info sheets about the house.

It may take a while for the QR codes to really catch on, so I imagine there will be a period of time where the QR code is displayed right alongside of the paper fliers, so as to appeal to the “old school” buyers and the tech saavy buyers.  What we will be seeing more and more is the disappearance of the flier box.  In its place will be a QR code.  It just takes a second to scan the code, and you instantly have all of the information you could want about the house, right at your fingertips.

It is pretty cool stuff!  What an easy way to make information gathering greener (no more printouts!!) and more portable!  Go ahead and download your QR Reader App and “try it out” with the QR code above!

Happy Scanning!

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